Sunday, June 5, 2011

devil's food cupcakes with raspberry filling


i am in some sort of a haze. i just posted about the cupcakes i made yesterday as if i hadn't baked in weeks and that's not exactly true. i totally forgot about the cupcakes i made last sunday! i was invited to a small memorial day gathering and was asked if i would be interested in bringing some cupcakes. i didn't want to (couldn't) put a whole lot of effort into it so i decided i would just use a betty crocker devil's food cake mix and some rainbow chip icing. then i started to feel a bit lazy for using a mix and canned frosting. i decided to add a filling to the cupcakes. it was my first time making filled cupcakes but i think it turned out pretty delicious. 

i used the wilton raspberry filling recipe. the directions that the raspberries should be "packed in sugar" didn't make much sense to me because i don't really know what that means. i used probably 4-6 tablespoons of sugar mixed in with the frozen berries. i was worried about the filling turning out too sweet so i didn't want to use a whole lot of sugar. as it turned out, the filling wasn't really sweet at all. it wasn't bitter and mixed with the sweetness of the cupcake it was quite yummy. 

i have always loved chocolate and raspberry together and these cupcakes just reenforced that love. i let 2 of my favorite kiddos (carmen, almost 4 and nels, 3) help me decorate the cupcakes and it was a lot of fun. i didn't even think of taking any pictures but now i wish i had because they were pretty silly looking! 

browned butter cupcakes with chocolate buttercream

hello, remember me? well i've been feeling way under the weather for several weeks now so there hasn't been much baking happening over here. i finally forced myself back into the kitchen to make these browned butter cupcakes with chocolate buttercream that i've been dying to make for a couple of months now.

i had some seriously freaky eggs that kind of ruined these cupcakes. the recipe calls for 4 eggs and the first 3 eggs i cracked into the bowl had double yolks. i didn't know what to do! i ended up not putting the 4th egg in so i had 6 yolks and only 3 egg whites. it made the cupcakes more muffin like than i would have liked but the flavor was still good. how did i end up with so many sets of twins? totally weird! i used ghiradelli semi-sweet chocolate for the frosting and it was way delicious. i don't know if i'll be making these cupcakes again but i will definitely hang onto that chocolate buttercream recipe. 

because i've been feeling so crappy, it was quite a feat that i even managed to bake anything edible but pictures of the cupcakes simply did not happen. sorry, folks.