Wednesday, May 11, 2011

supreme bars: cookie brownies

i've been a bit under the weather the past couple of days but i start to go a little stir crazy if i haven't baked anything for a few days. however, being on vicodin and soma limits what i am able to/should do in the kitchen. i decided tonight was the perfect night to make that betty crocker cookie brownie mix i bought a while back. it just looks so tasty!

i may have screwed up putting the cookie dough into the brownie batter but i don't care. maybe i was supposed to push it down in the batter instead of just plopping it on the top? i don't know, the directions weren't very clear but nothing burned and it all tastes great and that's really all i'm concerned about. 

this would be very easy to make from scratch as well, i imagine. just make your favorite brownie batter, spread it in a pan, and put in teaspoons of your favorite cookie dough. although, i think the cookie dough in this mix must be engineered in some way not to burn because it has to bake for a very long time and most cookies would be burnt to a crisp after being in the oven for 50 minutes. 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

chocolate monkey cake

today was my nephew's curious george themed party so i experimented with this cake. i used peanut butter frosting instead of the caramel frosting the tutorial called for. i just love chocolate and peanut butter together so it was a no brainer. also, i think i might have used a slightly larger cake pan because the image of cutting a cupcake in half for the ears seemed ridiculous. he's a monkey, he should have big ears! so, i used a cupcake for each ear. i knew from previous experience that my peanut butter frosting doesn't spread too well but i think it still turned out somewhat cute. nels sure liked it!

it looks like my decorating skills still need some work though. 

birthday cupcakes

today is my nephew's 3rd birthday and we're throwing him a curious george themed party. i decided since george is a monkey and monkeys like bananas that i would make my banana "pudding" cupcakes. i couldn't find curious george cupcake liners so instead i went with solid red and blue and dyed the frosting bright yellow.

someone got a special treat after his bath last night. don't worry, we shared it. he mostly wanted to eat the icing off anyway. 

also, i had to make cupcakes for a thing at work yesterday and since i left early i left my cupcake carrier there since not everyone had gotten a cupcake yet. so i was forced to buy this adorable carrier that i've literally been lusting after for weeks. every time i go to the grocery store i walk by and stare at it longingly and now i finally have it!

stay tuned to see how this went!