about tessie bakes

the name 'tessie bakes' comes from the nickname that my 3 year old nephew has for me. tessie isn't traditionally a nickname for stefanie and when he first started calling me that i thought it was quite odd but now i really like it. it probably helps that my entire family calls me tessie now.

i decided to start this blog to keep up with all of my baking experiments. i've recently discovered that not only do i love to bake, but i'm also really good at it. i make cakes from scratch but i also use cake mixes from time to time. i'm not ashamed of that fact, sometimes i just need to save time! you're not likely to be impressed by my decorating skills but i'm a purest and will probably never decorate anything using fondant. i understand its purpose in the universe but, personally, it's not for me.

mostly i bake cupcakes but i'm definitely interested in branching out towards brownies/bars, breads, and other cakes. it's hard to find enough occasions to bake all these things and i certainly don't need all the baked goods just sitting around my house, waiting for me to consume them!

check out my 'on deck' list to see what recipes i'm going to be working on soon.