Sunday, June 5, 2011

devil's food cupcakes with raspberry filling


i am in some sort of a haze. i just posted about the cupcakes i made yesterday as if i hadn't baked in weeks and that's not exactly true. i totally forgot about the cupcakes i made last sunday! i was invited to a small memorial day gathering and was asked if i would be interested in bringing some cupcakes. i didn't want to (couldn't) put a whole lot of effort into it so i decided i would just use a betty crocker devil's food cake mix and some rainbow chip icing. then i started to feel a bit lazy for using a mix and canned frosting. i decided to add a filling to the cupcakes. it was my first time making filled cupcakes but i think it turned out pretty delicious. 

i used the wilton raspberry filling recipe. the directions that the raspberries should be "packed in sugar" didn't make much sense to me because i don't really know what that means. i used probably 4-6 tablespoons of sugar mixed in with the frozen berries. i was worried about the filling turning out too sweet so i didn't want to use a whole lot of sugar. as it turned out, the filling wasn't really sweet at all. it wasn't bitter and mixed with the sweetness of the cupcake it was quite yummy. 

i have always loved chocolate and raspberry together and these cupcakes just reenforced that love. i let 2 of my favorite kiddos (carmen, almost 4 and nels, 3) help me decorate the cupcakes and it was a lot of fun. i didn't even think of taking any pictures but now i wish i had because they were pretty silly looking! 

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