Tuesday, July 31, 2012

update on the blueberry cupcakes

they were phenomenal! oh my goodness, i cannot even describe how tasty these things were. definitely worth making again and again!

i have a co-worker who has been there for a little over a year. one of the first times i brought cupcakes to work after he transfered in he told me that he wasn't really a sweets person so he would never eat any. a couple of months ago i made mini strawberry cupcakes with this amazing strawberry vanilla bean frosting (it tasted like strawberry ice cream!) and i finally convinced him to try one since they were mini. then a few weeks later i made another batch of mini cupcakes for another co-worker's birthday and i harassed him into trying one of those. well today i brought a few of these blueberry ones that were leftover and without me even saying anything to him he ate one (a whole full-sized cupcake)! i didn't even realize he had eaten one until he came up to me and told me i should be imprisoned. i was super confused so i asked why he thought that and he said, "because those cupcakes are ridiculously delicious." so i've converted someone from "not really a sweets person" to a cupcake eater. and i don't even have to badger him into eating them anymore! i couldn't be more proud. 

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